Price:0.1 BAN

Max prize:100 BAN


100 BAN 1 in 10000
10 BAN 1 in 1000
1 BAN 1 in 100
0.5 BAN 1 in 40
0.2 BAN 1 in 20
0.1 BAN 3 in 20

Not enough potassium?

Take a look at the Faucets list and grab yourself some potassium.

Lottery winners today

Address Prize Date
ban_1dummywa113tthatd03sn0t3x1st 1 BAN Today

How does it work?

Submit your banano address and click buy. The QR code will appear


Is this a scam?

The Lottery works as a faucet with a gambling flavor for those who want to test own luck. An impatient monkey could dare to win 100 BAN out of nothing simply claiming from this faucet and spending the claim on lottery tickets.

Is this lottery profitable?

The chances are you will loose your BAN in a long run as in any gambling project. Given you have free bananos from faucet this Lottery is different because you actually loose nothing. A small profit of Lottery will be sent to refund the faucet.

Will I be rich

Yes! No. Maybe?! This is a game of chances. It could happen you will aquire just a small nubmber of tickets each of which will give you 100 BAN! But the chances for such an event are incredibly small. It could happen that you will never ever win a bananoshi from this lottery but again, chances for such an event are incredibly small. So this is just a chances game.

I've spent my hard claimed bananos from faucets on your lottery and have no profit

By the Universe law if one monkey lost another monkey found. Think of it as a redistribution of bananos between monkeys. The Banano community is all about sharing, tipping, caring and educating. And this Lottery treats every monkey just the same way. Given Banano is a cryptocurrency every transaction is recorded and you can verify it on your own by lottery wallet.